The Wild Side of Photography

The Wild Side of Photography: Unconventional and Creative Techniques for the Courageous Photographer by Cyrill Harnischmacher
$29.95 from Rocky Nook

My tastes in photography are generally pretty simple: I like photographing landscapes, and I like very sharp images. I have no real interest in taking blurry images and have never coveted a lensbaby. So this book was definitely something different for me!

The book consists of 21 chapters by 15 authors on a variety of subjects; the commonality is that each involves taking photos in a way that you normally wouldn’t,  from building your own camera obscura to hanging your camera from a kite or smearing Vaseline on the lens.

The good thing is, even if you’re not interested in doing most of the things in the book, it’s still interesting to see how professional photographers did them, and every chapter is well written and easy to read. There’s also enough variety that almost any photographer will find something that he or she might like to try. I particularly liked the idea about using a modified toy periscope to take underwater photos without getting wet!

Note that for the most part, the book does not offer comprehensive step by step guides to creating the effects, although it often points you to other resources.  The goal of the book is more along the lines of giving you ideas, and showing what can be done with some creative shooting.

Do you need this book to learn to take good photos? No; in fact, the assumption is that you’re already comfortable with your camera, and basic terms are not defined. However, if you’re feeling bored with taking the same old photos, this might be what you need to get your creative juices flowing.


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