SEO Warrior

SEO Warrior by John I. Jerkovic
Way back in 2008, Google announced that they had found over one trillion unique URLs on the web. As the amount of available content explodes, it becomes very difficult for a new website to get noticed. The art of pushing your website to the top of the search results is known as SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

Type SEO into any search engine and you’ll get back an amazing amount of information, half of which will be outdated or flat-out wrong. A good up-to-date primer on SEO techniques can be found in the subject of this book review, SEO Warrior from O’Reilly. Let’s start with a brief overview of what’s in the book.

The first three chapters are an introduction to the purposes of SEO, setting up your website, and how search engines do what they do, while chapters four and five describe the main elements that determine how search engines rank your site. The remaining thirteen chapters go into detail on assorted tools and traps to be aware of when designing and promoting your site.

Although the theory behind SEO is fairly straightforward – put up good content and help the search engines to find it by means of clean pages and incoming links – in practice, getting the top rankings requires a lot of work and research, and it’s helpful to know about the best tools. What I felt was the greatest strength of this book was that not only does it describe in detail how to use many of the most important tools available online, from Google Analytics to XML Sitemaps, a number of useful php and perl scripts are provided as well. Additionally, the companion website contains all the scripts for download, as well as additional content.

Overall I found the book to be very readable and full of useful information; while no book in this area can be totally comprehensive, this is the best one I’ve read thus far. Highly recommended.



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