Becoming a Better Programmer

Becoming a Better Programmer: A Handbook for People Who Care About Code by Pete Goodliffe
$28.51 at Amazon ($18.35 Kindle)

More than in most professions, being a programmer means constantly learning: new programming languages, new techniques, new software. As with anything, we also get better over time with experience. But how can we actively work to improve our programming skills?

In Becoming a Better Programmer, Pete Goodliffe attempts to answer that question. The book is divided into a number of short chapters, written so that they can be read in any order, with references to related chapters at the end of each one. Each chapter briefly covers one topic, such as the importance of code reuse or version control, writing less code and looking for bugs, error handling, etc. The writing is entertaining – I found myself laughing more than once – and comics about programming are scattered throughout.

For myself, the book wasn’t particularly useful, because everything it covers is stuff that I and my team are already doing, but I think it could be a very helpful resource for novice programmers or newer software companies that haven’t yet figured out best practices in coding. This would make an excellent gift for either a new programmer or someone building a new team of programmers. And as I mentioned, it’s an entertaining read.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book.



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