My New iPad

My New iPad: A User’s Guide
by Wallace Wang
Published by No Starch Press (an imprint of O’Reilly Media)
List $24.95, $15.44 from Amazon, $9.99 Kindle edition

For many people, the iPad is the most complex electronic device they’ll ever own. Neither buying nor using it requires a computer (although rearranging your icons is a lot easier using iTunes than doing it on the iPad directly). From personal experience, my mother couldn’t tell you the difference between a floppy disk, a CD, and a videotape, but she thinks the iPad is really cool.

So a lot of people could probably use a little help getting started with all of the features that the iPad has to offer; while there’s always the Apple store, who wants to go to the mall anytime you have a question? Wallace Wang’s new book, My First iPad, is a fairly comprehensive look at what the little machine can do, complete with step by step directions on how to do it. The instructions are laid out pretty well – I only noticed one instance where there was a skipped step, and it was fairly minor – and should be easy for even non-technical people to follow.

The book has 40 chapters divided into seven sections, starting with the basics (how to turn the iPad on and off, ways to conserve battery power) and moving into customizing the iPad, surfing the internet, transferring data, buying stuff in the Apple store, and basic troubleshooting.

Reading this book, I didn’t see much I didn’t already know after owning an iPad for a couple of months, but I’m a fairly technical person and also own an iPod touch; I see this aimed more at the non-techie person who doesn’t normally spend a lot of time or money on gadgets. For that audience, this should be a very useful book, and I plan on giving my parents a copy once they get their first iPad.


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