Murach’s JavaScript, 2nd Edition

Murach’s JavaScript, 2nd Edition by Mary Delamater
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I’ve been doing web development full time for a couple of years now, but I still haven’t gotten very in-depth with JavaScript, for two reasons: most of my coding is done in C#, and the JavaScript I do write uses a proprietary framework. I’ve wanted to learn more of it, though, so I’ve kept an eye out for a good book that actually covers JavaScript rather than jumping straight to jQuery.

For those not familiar with Murach books, they all follow the same format, so once you’ve read one you’ll know whether they work for you or not. The books use a “paired pages” format with syntax and examples on the right, explanation on the left. This helps make the books useful to people of different experience levels: you can scan the pages on the right until you see something you need to know more about, and then read the left page for that topic.

I found the book to be well-edited and easy to follow. As expected, it starts with the basics and runs through advanced topics like closures, finishing with a short chapter on when and how to use jQuery (although I’m not sure I’d agree with the assertion that you should use jQuery whenever you can – why add the overhead of including a library just to save a few lines of coding?)

Section one of the book covers beginning JavaScript, including objects, functions, events, forms, and controls. Section two covers intermediate JavaScript, including web storage and regular expressions. Section three covers advanced skills, including timers, recursion, namespaces, and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The book is on client-side JavaScript and focuses on using straight JavaScript rather than the various libraries, which is what I was after. There are definitely some missing topics, but I’m assuming they’re covered in Murach’s companion books. Overall, if you want to learn vanilla JavaScript (probably a good idea) rather than jumping straight into a framework, this book is a good choice.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book.


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