iPod: The Missing Manual

iPod: The Missing Manual by J. D. Biersdorfer

A few months ago, I received my first-ever ipod, the 3G touch. I’m fairly tech-savvy, but I knew the ipod must have a lot of hidden capabilities that I could take advantage of, so I preordered this book. I have to say I was very disappointed. On the upside, the book is easy to read; on the downside, that’s because there’s not much to it. Most of it is fairly obvious stuff that you can figure out in about five minutes of playing with the ipod, such as how to add music and photos, shop the itunes store, and make a playlist. While there were a few useful hints (such as adding lyrics), I did not find the book overall to be very informative.

I ended up downloading “iPhone: the Missing Manual“, and it’s a lot better; while some of the material only applies to the iPhone, plenty of it applies to the iPod touch as well.

[rating: 2/5]


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