HTML 4 & 5: The Complete Reference

HTML 4 & 5: The Complete Reference (iPhone/iPad universal app) by O’Reilly
$1.99 from the app store

Ever since I got my ipod touch, I’ve been a fan of O’Reilly’s ebook apps. For only $4.99, you get a technical book that would normally cost over $30 for the ebook version and over $50 in paperback. The average price has since increased to $6.99, but I’d still call that a pretty good deal.

One of the latest offerings is a nifty little reference guide for HTML. Search for a term (or browse through the offering by type) and click on something to bring up a short description containing everything you need to know to use that item. For example, I searched for audio and selected the audio tag from the search results. I got a description (which told me a bit about the tag, including that it’s new in HTML5), as well as a tab for attributes and a tab showing a code example.

Is there anything here that you can’t find for free on the web? Probably not, but in my opinion, $2 to have all that information nicely organized for you is a bargain. Having this app means getting only the information I need without wading through a lot of extra stuff to get there; I expect it will be pretty useful as I move more into coding sites with HTML5.

Disclosure: IĀ receivedĀ a free review copy of this app.



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