The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide by John Sonmez
$19.79 paper / $9.99 Kindle at Amazon

My first exposure to John Sonmez came when I downloaded his audiobook Soft Skills. This was the only book I found at Audible that seemed relevant to my job as a developer, and I enjoyed it enough that I bought a print copy (so I could follow the references more easily) and started reading John’s blog and listening to his podcast. (I no longer read the blog, because it has popups, but I still enjoy the podcast). So when I was offered an advance review copy of John’s new book, The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide, I was happy to take a look. (Spoiler alert: I ended up also purchasing the Kindle version after it came out).

This massive (almost 800 pages) tome is broken down into five sections: getting started as a software developer, getting a job, what you need to know about software development, working as a developer, and advancing your career. Most of the material in the book is also available in John’s many other products, but it’s nice to have it collected in one place and organized. So far I’ve focused on the final section, which is most relevant to my current career, but I’ve also jumped around and read bits here and there in the book. The writing is consistently readable and even entertaining, and what John has to say largely matches up with my own experiences. Now that I have the Kindle version I do plan to go back and read through the sections that are aimed more at less experienced developers, as I’d be quite surprised if I can’t pick up a thing or two.

Overall, this is a wide book rather than a deep one; it won’t make you an expert on any one subject, but it probably covers just about every area you can think of related to having a career as a software developer. I definitely would recommend it to someone trying to figure out how to get started, and experienced developers are likely to enjoy it as well. And while it may be long, it’s also an easy read. Given the amount of content here, I would actually have expected a higher price tag, and it has a lot of links to even more content if you want to go more in-depth in a particular area.

Five stars.


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