Becoming a Better Programmer

Becoming a Better Programmer: A Handbook for People Who Care About Code by Pete Goodliffe $28.51 at Amazon ($18.35 Kindle) More than in most professions, being a programmer means constantly learning: new programming languages, new techniques, new software. As with anything, we also get better over time with experience. But how can we actively work […]

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace $12.18 at Amazon ($8.69 Kindle) The Raspberry Pi is a hot new computer system, approximately the size of a credit card and costing $25-$35 (plus a $5 markup depending on where you buy one – my preferred source is Sparkfun Electronics in Boulder). The […]

CLR via C#

CLR via C# by Jeffrey Richter $34.48 at Amazon While I did notice when Microsoft introduced .NET and the CLR (Common Language Runtime), it wasn’t until 2011 that I first used them, when I had the opportunity to learn C#. At the time, I needed a working knowledge of the language – enough to do […]

Think Like a Programmer

Think Like a Programmer by V. Anton Spraul $20.39 from Amazon While I was working on my PhD in computer science, part of my job as a TA was to run the computer lab. I never cared for Java, but I learned enough of it to be able to help the undergraduates when they got […]

Safe C++

Safe C++: How to Avoid Common Mistakes by Vladimir Kushnir $19.77 at Amazon ($12.39 Kindle) Published by O’Reilly Media C++ used to be my favorite language; although I haven’t used it in years, I’m starting to get into several related languages (C# and Objective C) and I was curious about this new book from O’Reilly. […]

Murach’s C# 2010

Murach’s C# 2010 by Joel Murach$54.50 from Murach & Associates Recently I needed to pick up C# programming; it was shortly after I read (and was impressed by) Murach’s SQL Server 2008, so I decided to see if they had a C# book (Murach is a small publisher that puts out limited number of titles). […]

The Linux Programming Interface

The Linux Programming Interface A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook by Michael Kerrisk, published by No Starch Press (an imprint of O’Reilly Media) As someone with several degrees in computer science, I’ve used Linux quite a bit; it’s my preferred environment for doing C++ programming. However, I’ve never formally studied the operating system; rather, […]

Java How to Program: Early Objects Version (8th Edition)

Java How to Program: Early Objects Version (8th Edition) by Harvey Deitel and Paul Deitel Background: I am a PhD student in computer science, but I do theoretical research that rarely requires coding, so I haven’t programmed in years. Recently I decided to pick up java, which I last used in 2000; rather than taking […]