Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3

Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3 by Zak Ruvalcaba and Anne Boehm $54.50 from Mike Murach & Associates By this point, I had no intention of reading, let alone reviewing, another HTML book; I’ve seen too many of them in the last year. However, I’ve been a fan of the Murach books since I picked up Murach’s […]

Murach’s C# 2010

Murach’s C# 2010 by Joel Murach$54.50 from Murach & Associates Recently I needed to pick up C# programming; it was shortly after I read (and was impressed by) Murach’s SQL Server 2008, so I decided to see if they had a C# book (Murach is a small publisher that puts out limited number of titles). […]

Murach’s SQL Server 2008 for Developers

Murach’s SQL Server 2008 for Developers by Bryan Syverson and Joel Murach $52.50 from Mike Murach & Associates When I started my current job, I didn’t know much about databases in general, or SQL in particular; I took the usual databases class in college and taught Access for a few semesters, but that’s about it. […]