Making History

Making History by Stephen Fry

I have a weakness for time travel stories, so I couldn’t pass up this one. Michael “Pup” Young is a grad student in history, writing his dissertation on the young Hitler at Cambridge University. He runs into a theoretical physicist who has invented a time machine, at the same time that his girlfriend is doing research on male sterility pills. Michael convinces the physicist to send the pills back through time into the well that Hitler’s father drinks from, causing the madman to never be born.

All seems well and good, when Michael wakes up as an American philosophy student in a world that has never heard of Hitler. Unfortunately, they have heard of the Nazi party. In a world without Hitler, another man rose to power… but without Hitler’s level of rabid anti-Semitism, rather than driving off the Jewish scientists he used them to enable Germany to be the first to develop the atomic bomb. With it, Germany conquered Europe and won World War II. America was later able to independently develop the bomb, leading to the cold war. Half a century later, tensions are still high..

Overall, Making History is an interesting book that’s definitely worth a read.




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