Harrington on Hold’em

Harrington on Hold’em by Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie

Ask any serious No Limit Hold’Em tournament player what book you need to read, and Harrington on Hold’em jumps to the top of the list. Known as “Action Dan” for his tight-aggressive play, Harrington won the WSOP main event in 1995 and made the final time in 1987, 2003, and 2004. Prior to taking up poker, Harrington was a champion backgammon player and a US chess master; his co-author, Bill Robertie, is also an expert chess and backgammon player with several well regarded books on those games.


The Harringon on Hold’Em series currently consists of three volumes. Volume 1, the blue book, covers the early phases of tournaments, while blinds and antes are relatively small. Volume 2, the red book, covers the later stages when the tournament is down to the last few players. Volume 3, the grey book, is a workbook consisting entirely of problems to test your understanding of the material in the first two volumes.

Another volume is due out next spring, but will cover no limit cash games.


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  1. William says:

    Since this review was originally written, Harrington actually released three more books: two volumes on cash games and one on online 6-max NLHE.

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