Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography by Martina Homberg
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I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, and I was overjoyed when digital cameras became small and affordable; for years I carried one around in my pocket. After I switched to DSLR photography, however, I ended up taking fewer pictures – in spite of the greater investment – simply because I could no longer carry my equipment with me everywhere!

A year ago, however, I got my first smartphone – an iPhone. I’ve never been particularly impressed with camera phones, but I’ve been some decent shots taken with iPhones and after trying mine, I was impressed at the quality of the camera. I mostly use it when I need a quick photograph for one of my websites, though, as I have better camera equipment for serious shots. (Taking a photo of the sign at the airport garage so you can remember where you parked is nice as well!)

I’d like to start doing more photography again, so I figured this book might get me started. Unfortunately, it’s largely aimed at novice photographers shooting a style that I don’t care for: photographs that look like they were taken with old, crappy equipment. I know people who really like that look, but since I don’t care for it (in fact, I disliked most of the photos in the book) it didn’t do much for me.

However, I can definitely see this as being helpful for people who want to take “vintage” photos, or just aren’t sure how to get started, and I did appreciate the list of useful photography apps; I plan on downloading a few of the ones for doing black and white photography and portraits. There’s also some interesting information about shooting video. For that, I rate the book 3/5 stars.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book.


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