Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business

Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business by C. J. David
$2.99 for Amazon Kindle

I have to admit, I had very low expectations for this book. I picked it up because the author was promoting it in a group we both belong to, but these “make money” books often oversell how much money you can make and gloss over the difficulties. I’m happy to say that this is not the case with this book.

My wife and I each own a small business, so I’m somewhat familiar with the challenges involved. Rather than jumping around to “oh, you can do this, or this, or this” as many similar books do, this one devotes only one brief chapter to different things you can do and then moves on to defining types of businesses (product vs service vs consulting) and the various challenges (financial, legal, planning).

The book is short and the writing flows well; there are a few annoying typos (particularly with commas and apostrophes) but nothing too bad. I didn’t see anything that I didn’t know after running a small business for a year, but it touches on a number of things that you’ll be much better off considering BEFORE you dive in. It also emphasizes that turning a hobby into business turns what used to be a fun activity into work – the realization of which probably kills many small businesses before they can really get going! If you don’t have business experience, but have a hobby that you think you’d like to make money from, this is worth a read.



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