The Lego Adventure Book

The Lego Adventure Book by Megan Rothrock (No Starch Press)
$16.47 from Amazon ($9.99 Kindle)

When I was a kid, I liked legos but didn’t have a lot of them. One problem I had was that with my limited selection, I had a hard time figuring out what to build other than a house. (Ok, I wasn’t a particularly imaginative kid, either!) Of course, back then you couldn’t hop on the internet for ideas, but there weren’t books of lego models you could buy either.

The Lego Adventure Book is part instruction manual, part tip book, part idea book. For a few of the models, there are step by step instructions that show all of the pieces you’ll need, both all together at the start of the instructions and at each step. For others, you don’t get a parts list; you just have a series of pictures of the model in various stages of construction. Still others have no instructions whatsoever, just one or more pictures of the finished model.

The author is a former set designer for Lego, and I like the look of a lot of the models in the book. The book itself is large and full color; I read it (there’s a plot of sorts, with one of the characters flying around to see different designs) in an evening. My only real complaint is that there’s no parts listing with the official brick names; it would be nice if there was a companion website that made it easy to find the pieces you need for each model (in terms of either sets that have them, or their names on Lego’s pick a brick site). I know that I don’t have the right parts to actually build any of the models, so for now, it serves simply as an idea book and an interesting read.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book from No Starch Press.



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