Safe Travel Guide

Safe Travel Guide: Travel Safety Tips & Travel Health Advice by Elisabeth Sowerbutts
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I like to say that I’ve only been to three foreign countries: Canada, the Dominican Republic, and California. I do, however, hope to start traveling more in the future, at least to Europe., which is why I picked up this book.

Much of what’s in here is common sense (which, naturally enough, seems to often be sadly lacking these days). Don’t flash your money or valuables; in fact, don’t carry bling at all if you don’t need to. Be aware of your surroundings. Get your required vaccinations well in advance of your trip.

However, there’s enough variety that most people who don’t travel are likely to learn something they didn’t know; for example, I’ve never lived anyplace that had earthquakes, so that section was informative. Then there are the odd bits of trivia that can really screw up your plans if you don’t know them: for example, don’t rent a motorbike in Thailand unless you specifically have a license for one – it’s illegal, and your insurance probably won’t cover it if you’re in an accident! Everybody worries about the water in third world countries….but the real danger lies in crossing the street! I have so far avoided driving when out of the country; the book not only recommends that, but also speaks as to which alternative methods of transportation are safest.

I thought the book could have used a bit more proofreading – there are definitely too many typos for my taste – but it’s still a quick, enjoyable read that’s probably worth picking up before you travel abroad for the first time. The author is a compulsive traveler who’s been all over the world, so it’s nice to hear the voice of experience!

Disclosure: although I do not know the author personally, I found out about this book through a group to which we both belong.



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