Cool Tools in the Kitchen

Cool Tools in the Kitchen by Kevin Kelly

For the most part, reviews fall into one of two types. There are the more objective reviews, where the reviewer attempts to cover both the advantages and disadvantages of the product. There are also advertising or enthusiast reviews, which tell you how great a product is. This site (and my board game review site) are intended to be the first type, although the reviews tend to the positive side as I usually don’t bother writing reviews for things I don’t like. The Cool Tools site, on the other hand, posts a review each day that’s an enthusaist telling you why he loves something.

The Cool Tools book (currently available only as an ebook in epub format) is a collection of 81 reviews from the website, for the most useful things to have in your kitchen. There’s a variety of items here, from single-purpose tools to top of the line knives and comprehensive cookbooks. I’m a lousy – and infrequent – cook, but I like kitchen stuff anyway, so I was interested to see what types of suggestions were on offer.

Make no mistake – this is a light read, only about 100 pages (and priced correspondingly at $5.99) that I read through in a couple of evenings. Many of the items I found interesting even if I had no intention of getting one (for example, an apron with built in oven mitts); other items made me want to head to Amazon to get one immediately. Each item has a picture, a description of why you’d want it, and details on price and availability.

Now I need to get me one of those cutting gloves



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