Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps by J D Biersdorfer
$19.99 from O’Reilly Media

I have an iPod Touch, and I love it, even if it does tend to need to be recharged every day or two.  While I don’t spend that much time listening to music, I can easily spend a few hours immersed in whichever game currently holds my attention.

Of course, with a quarter million options available in the app store, it can be difficult to find the best ones! That’s why I was interested to read O’Reilly’s new book:  over two hundred pages of nothing but apps! While some of them are iPhone-only, I figured I’d find enough interesting apps to make it worth a read.

Well…a flip-though, anyway. This isn’t really the type of book you read so much as one that you page through to see what catches your attention. Each page highlights one app, in full color, and tells you what the author liked about it. Apps are divided into high-level categories – work, on the town, leisure, play, etc, with search category being divided into various topics – apps to get things done, to make phone calls, arcade games, social networks, etc. After getting the book, I started flipping through it to see what caught my eye.

While I have no interest in most of the apps in the book, I can definitely see people using all of them; nothing made me say “why did he pick that?” (Of course, a few of my favorite apps – most of them, in fact – were left out, but that’s probably inevitable when you’re trying to choose the top tenth of a percent based on mostly subjective criteria! After an hour with the book, I’ve downloaded a half-dozen apps to try out; time will tell whether they’re worthwhile.

Would I pay the full $20 retail value for this book?  Probably not, although if I saw it in the store I’d most likely flip through it. But if you have an iphone, it might be worth picking up a copy from Amazon.


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