My Perfect Pantry

My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarian
$22.68 at Amazon ($12.79 Kindle)

CoverIt’s typical for a cookbook to be arranged according to the type of food (breads, dinners, desserts) or the main ingredient (pork, beef, chicken). What I’ve never seen before is a cookbook arranged around pantry ingredients: almonds, beans, raisins!

My Perfect Pantry starts off with a description of foundational items – allspice, cayenne pepper, etc – before moving on to the recipes. For each ingredient, there is a page describing that item, followed by three dishes, all with pictures. Most recipes are just a few steps.

As a novice cook (I’ve been known to moan that I don’t have any food, only things to make food), I’m still in the process of discovering what items need to be in my pantry and how to use them. Generally I’ll flip through a cookbook looking at pictures to see what looks tasty; this one is particularly visual, which makes that easier, and I found a number of recipes that I want to try. No instruction on cooking techniques is given, which is fine – that can be easily found elsewhere – but no particularly unusual equipment is called for, and in reading through the entire book I saw very few recipes that use ingredients I’m not familiar with.

I can tell that this cookbook is going to be very easy to use, and for that I rate it five stars.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy through Blogging for Books.



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