The Politics of Crazy

The Politics of Crazy by Chris Ladd
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I don’t normally read political books from republicans, but I happened to run across Chris’ blog recently and enjoyed his writing, so I figured I’d give the book a try. I wasn’t disappointed; the book is well-reasoned and Chris offers several insights I hadn’t previously considered.

The first point that really grabbed me was the idea that teachers are the reason democrats are more interested in actually governing. Both major parties have a number of special interest groups that can be counted on for support, but the democrat’s supporters include teachers and other government workers – groups that have a vested interest in a government that functions well. The republicans don’t have equivalent groups, and many of their supporters would actually prefer that government not work well; thus, republicans have much less incentive to do a good job governing.

Much of the book is Chris’ ideas for policy. As an old-style conservative, he advocates for a small, yet strong government that takes on fewer tasks but does those tasks well. While I certainly don’t agree with him on everything, I found many of his points convincing. The book ends with an argument that politicians have become less accountable due to reduced participation in public (not necessarily political) groups, and a call for more community participation outside of voting – be it the PTA, a neighborhood meetup, or something explicitly political – with the goal of reducing extremism by making politicians again geek approval from community-minded interests.

Overall, a good read that I certainly recommend.


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