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The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide by John Sonmez $19.79 paper / $9.99 Kindle at Amazon My first exposure to John Sonmez came when I downloaded his audiobook Soft Skills. This was the only book I found at Audible that seemed relevant to my job as a developer, and I enjoyed it enough that I […]

Murach’s C# 2015

Murach’s C# 2015 by Anne Boehm and Joel Murach $47.70 at Amazon I’ve been doing C# development professionally for a couple of years now, but haven’t had the opportunity to check out the new features in the latest version, nor have I had the need to use some of the more advanced features of the […]

Murach’s JavaScript, 2nd Edition

Murach’s JavaScript, 2nd Edition by Mary Delamater $54.50 at Amazon I’ve been doing web development full time for a couple of years now, but I still haven’t gotten very in-depth with JavaScript, for two reasons: most of my coding is done in C#, and the JavaScript I do write uses a proprietary framework. I’ve wanted […]

How Software Works

How Software Works: The Magic Behind Encryption, CGI, Search Engines, and Other Everyday Technologies by V. Anton Spraul $19.72 at Amazon Have you ever wondered how Amazon keeps your credit card information safe from hackers, or how the minions were actually created? And how DOES Google usually manage to find what you’re looking for over […]

The Book of CSS3

The Book of CSS3: A Developer’s Guide to the Future of Web Design, 2nd Edition by Peter Gasston $24.34 at Amazon ($15.41 Kindle) One of the interesting things about CSS3 is that it’s not a fixed standard; new options are being constantly added. It would even be more accurate to say that there is no […]

Becoming a Better Programmer

Becoming a Better Programmer: A Handbook for People Who Care About Code by Pete Goodliffe $28.51 at Amazon ($18.35 Kindle) More than in most professions, being a programmer means constantly learning: new programming languages, new techniques, new software. As with anything, we also get better over time with experience. But how can we actively work […]

this & Object Prototypes

You Don’t Know JavaScript: this & Object Prototypes by Kyle Simpson $19.62 at Amazon ($12.49 Kindle) If there’s one thing that’s particularly frustrating in JavaScript, it’s this. this has an irritating tendency to suddenly refer to something entirely different than you were expecting, at which point everything breaks. this is confusing because it’s runtime-bound based […]

Querying Microsoft SQL Server

I’ve been using SQL Server at work for a couple of years now, but I’m not a DBA; I mostly just run simple queries to test that data was loaded correctly by our ETL process. This year I’m leading a small group of coworkers who want to become more proficient in SQL Server, so we’re studying for the MCSA in SQL Server 2012.

HTML5 Graphing and Data Visualization Cookbook

In HTML5 Graphing and Data Visualization Cookbook, we start out by learning to create basic shapes in Canvas, with the gimmick of creating various national flags.

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi by Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace $12.18 at Amazon ($8.69 Kindle) The Raspberry Pi is a hot new computer system, approximately the size of a credit card and costing $25-$35 (plus a $5 markup depending on where you buy one – my preferred source is Sparkfun Electronics in Boulder). The […]