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The 37th Amendment

The 37th Amendment by Susan Shelley When the Constitution of the United States was enacted, the people feared giving excessive power to the federal government and so amended it to include the Bill of Rights, specifically enumerating rights which the federal government could not infringe. The 10th amendment specifically asserted that all powers not delegated […]

The Future Happens Twice: The Perennial Project

The Future Happens Twice: The Perennial Project by Matt Browne With spaceship technology still unable to attain a significant fraction of lightspeed and an urgent need to travel to other star systems, cryostasis seems to be the only option. Unfortunately, while embryos can be successfully frozen and revived, adults can not. Who will raise the […]

Making History

Making History by Stephen Fry I have a weakness for time travel stories, so I couldn’t pass up this one. Michael “Pup” Young is a grad student in history, writing his dissertation on the young Hitler at Cambridge University. He runs into a theoretical physicist who has invented a time machine, at the same time […]

One Knight Only

One Knight Only by Peter David Star Trek fans may recognize Peter David as the author of such books as Q-in-Law, Q-Squared, and Imzadi, but he has also written some interesting fantasy. In Knight Life, King Arthur is released from his imprisonment and, at Merlin’s behest, runs for mayor of New York City. In the […]