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The Traveling Photographer: A Guide to Great Travel Photography

The Traveling Photographer: A Guide to Great Travel Photography by Sandra Petrowitz $24.08 at Amazon Everybody likes to take pictures when they travel, but few come home with great art; mostly, we see snapshots that reveal little other than “I was there”. As someone about to start work on a travel magazine project, I was […]

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography by Martina Homberg $16.14 from Amazon I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, and I was overjoyed when digital cameras became small and affordable; for years I carried one around in my pocket. After I switched to DSLR photography, however, I ended up taking fewer pictures – in spite of the […]

Remote Exposure

Remote Exposure: A Guide to Hiking and Climbing Photography by Alexandre Buisse $29.95 from rockynook I’ve always been a fan of taking pictures, and one of my favorite subjects to photograph is the outdoors; as such, I was looking forward to checking out this new book from rocky nook. The book covers shooting hiking, climbing, […]

Why Photographs Work

Why Photographs Work; 52 Great Images: Who Made Them, What Makes Them Special and Why By George Barr, published by rockynook $39.95 retail I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like…or more accurately, what I don’t like. Photo books tend to be created either around a theme, or to showcase the […]

The Wild Side of Photography

The Wild Side of Photography: Unconventional and Creative Techniques for the Courageous Photographer by Cyrill Harnischmacher $29.95 from Rocky Nook My tastes in photography are generally pretty simple: I like photographing landscapes, and I like very sharp images. I have no real interest in taking blurry images and have never coveted a lensbaby. So this […]