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The Healthy Programmer

The Healthy Programmer by Joe Kutner $27.05 at Amazon Everybody knows the stereotype of the programmer: hunched over a desk, working too many hours, drinking too much caffeine. By and large, the stereotype is true, and we have the back, wrist, and eye aches to prove it. The Healthy Programmer is a quick read, with […]

The Nine

The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin $10.88 at Amazon Many of the opinions the Supreme Court issues are dry and technical, deciding obscure points in the law; simple cases, after all, can be decided by the lower courts according to past decisions, and the justices of the Supreme Court choose what cases they will take. Then […]

The Lego Adventure Book

The Lego Adventure Book by Megan Rothrock (No Starch Press) $16.47 from Amazon ($9.99 Kindle) When I was a kid, I liked legos but didn’t have a lot of them. One problem I had was that with my limited selection, I had a hard time figuring out what to build other than a house. (Ok, […]

The 4-Hour Chef

The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferris $21 from Amazon ($5 Kindle) I think Tim Ferris is a bit of a nut. But he’s an entertaining nut. Having read The Four-Hour Workweek and The Four-Hour Body, I find that, alas, I have become neither rich nor superhuman; however, I enjoyed both books and took away a […]

Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business

Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business by C. J. David $2.99 for Amazon Kindle I have to admit, I had very low expectations for this book. I picked it up because the author was promoting it in a group we both belong to, but these “make money” books often oversell how much money […]

Safe Travel Guide

Safe Travel Guide: Travel Safety Tips & Travel Health Advice by Elisabeth Sowerbutts $2.99 for Amazon Kindle I like to say that I’ve only been to three foreign countries: Canada, the Dominican Republic, and California. I do, however, hope to start traveling more in the future, at least to Europe., which is why I picked […]

Cool Tools in the Kitchen

Cool Tools in the Kitchen by Kevin Kelly For the most part, reviews fall into one of two types. There are the more objective reviews, where the reviewer attempts to cover both the advantages and disadvantages of the product. There are also advertising or enthusiast reviews, which tell you how great a product is. This […]

Amazon Kindle

I was one of the early adopters of the Amazon Kindle, but my first generation device has been on its last legs for the past year. For Christmas this year, however, my wife got me the new $79 Kindle. Why this particular model, and how does it stack up against the older version? I specifically […]

Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps by J D Biersdorfer $19.99 from O’Reilly Media I have an iPod Touch, and I love it, even if it does tend to need to be recharged every day or two. ¬†While I don’t spend that much time listening to music, I can easily spend a few hours immersed in whichever game […]

Buying a Home: the Missing Manual

Buying a Home: the Missing Manual by Nancy Conner $21.99 from O’Reilly Media ($17.99 ebook, $9.99 Kindle) Buying a home is the largest financial decision that most of us will ever make; as such, it makes sense to read through an instruction manual before you get started! As someone who’s never owned a home, but […]