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The Oath

The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin $16.26 at Amazon ($14.99 on Kindle) Like many interested observers, I had no idea how the Supreme Court would rule on the Affordable Care Act, but I assumed that the decision would be either 6-3 in favor (with Roberts and Kennedy joining […]

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography

Sixty Tips for Creative iPhone Photography by Martina Homberg $16.14 from Amazon I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, and I was overjoyed when digital cameras became small and affordable; for years I carried one around in my pocket. After I switched to DSLR photography, however, I ended up taking fewer pictures – in spite of the […]


Writerpreneur: How to Work From Home as an Online Writer, Find Premium Clients, & Make Money Online by Rory Parker $2.99 for Amazon Kindle A decade ago, I was making ten cents a word writing for Scrye magazine. I generally sold them a thousand word article each month, until I quit playing collectible card games […]