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The New New Deal

The New New Deal by Michael Grunwald $18.48 at Amazon Although I know that economists generally consider the stimulus to have been a success, and that it’s considered one of the most transparent government programs ever, I’ve never been particularly familiar with the details outside of the HITECH Act. As such, I was looking forward […]

Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business

Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business by C. J. David $2.99 for Amazon Kindle I have to admit, I had very low expectations for this book. I picked it up because the author was promoting it in a group we both belong to, but these “make money” books often oversell how much money […]

Safe Travel Guide

Safe Travel Guide: Travel Safety Tips & Travel Health Advice by Elisabeth Sowerbutts $2.99 for Amazon Kindle I like to say that I’ve only been to three foreign countries: Canada, the Dominican Republic, and California. I do, however, hope to start traveling more in the future, at least to Europe., which is why I picked […]

Safe C++

Safe C++: How to Avoid Common Mistakes by Vladimir Kushnir $19.77 at Amazon ($12.39 Kindle) Published by O’Reilly Media C++ used to be my favorite language; although I haven’t used it in years, I’m starting to get into several related languages (C# and Objective C) and I was curious about this new book from O’Reilly. […]

Healthcare in the 21st Century

Healthcare in the 21st Century by William Springer $0.99 on Amazon (Kindle only) Shameless plug time! Normally, I just review other people’s books; today, I’m going to tell you a bit about a book that I wrote instead. My day job is developing software for a company that makes electronic health records (EHRs). When the […]