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Murach’s C# 2010

Murach’s C# 2010 by Joel Murach$54.50 from Murach & Associates Recently I needed to pick up C# programming; it was shortly after I read (and was impressed by) Murach’s SQL Server 2008, so I decided to see if they had a C# book (Murach is a small publisher that puts out limited number of titles). […]

Learning HTML5 Step by Step

HTML5 Step by Step $34.99 from Microsoft Press I’ve reviewed several books lately that introduce the new elements in HTML5; each of them assumes that you already have a working knowledge of html and css and simply want to know about the changes. But what if you’re brand new to web programming and want a […]

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today by Brian Hogan $33 from Pragmatic Bookshelf The Book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston $34.99 from no starch press There’s really no reason why HTML5 and CSS3 have to be grouped together; they’re two completely different things. The first is the latest code for marking up the […]