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The Manga Guide to Databases

The Manga Guide to Databases by Mana Takahashi Illustrated by Shoko Azuma $19.95 from No Starch Press This book has either a minor plot hole or a lying fairy, but I’m not sure which. Since my job now requires that I use databases, I’ve been learning the basics of SQL; I have several excellent, yet […]

My New iPad

My New iPad: A User’s Guide by Wallace Wang Published by No Starch Press (an imprint of O’Reilly Media) List $24.95, $15.44 from Amazon, $9.99 Kindle edition For many people, the iPad is the most complex electronic device they’ll ever own. Neither buying nor using it requires a computer (although rearranging your icons is a […]

The Linux Programming Interface

The Linux Programming Interface A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook by Michael Kerrisk, published by No Starch Press (an imprint of O’Reilly Media) As someone with several degrees in computer science, I’ve used Linux quite a bit; it’s my preferred environment for doing C++ programming. However, I’ve never formally studied the operating system; rather, […]